Driver: Paul Marston
Class: Super Comp &
Super Pro ET

Well with this latest addition to the PMR stable of racecars having been bought in late 2014. Its difficult to know where to start. Built by Ray Miller at Miller Racecars, this car was known as the Ocean Potion Dragster driven by Vic Ferra of Brevard Cylinder Head, Port Canaveral Florida. Vic had won ALOT of money with this car, in both big bracket racing and in NHRA Super Comp. Vichas been a personal friend of Paul Marston for a very long time now, introduced to by Tony Morris of BLP. Now Paul has crewed on this Dragster whilst in the States when Vic won the Gatornationals back in 2009 and got to stand in the Winners Circle, which is a big deal over there.

Fast forward a few years and Vic bought a newer Dragster from another great racer Tim Hutcherson who was Vics racing buddy, so the Ocean Potion car sat unused till Tony Morris brokered a deal where Tony built a motor for it and the Dragster was sold turnkey to his brother in law Rene Kloss who is married to Tonys sister Andrea. They both live in Germany so after Rene flew over and tested and approved the Dragster it then went over to Germany in which Rene continued his success winning Hockenheim three years running in Super Comp, no mean achievement!!

Paul Marston and Rene Kloss were good friends thru Tony and Andrea and had met many times both in Florida and at Santa Pod. At the Main Event 2014 Rene and Andrea were visiting and Paul discovered that they were considering selling the Dragster to get another doorcar, which would allow them to compete at more tracks in Europe that were once behind the iron curtain. Being as Dragsters need a better track surface to work properly and safely a doorcar is more forgiving.

There was another racer interested in the car, so Paul made it known of his interest and gave the other racer until Hockenheim to purchase the car. Well that did not happen so Paul took delivery of the Dragster as a rolling chassis at the European Finals 2014.

Upon hearing that there was a Dragster back in the garage, Martin Curbishley expressed and interest in driving at the National Finals, so a thrash then ensued to get the Dragster ready, which it was and Martin duly won the event in Super Comp!! So the story continues. Paul Marston actually wanted to buy this Dragster when it went to Germany but the opportunity did not present itself but now it has and Paul is a very happy owner.

Yes this is the Dragster that was recently seen on Discovery Channel with Paul Teaching Idris Elba in his series Idris Elba No Limits. This Dragster also saw Steve Ashdown make his debut at the European Finals 2015 in Super Pro.


  • 0-60 MPH – 1.18 Seconds
  • 0-100 MPH – 4.80 Seconds
  • ¼ MILE – 8.29 Seconds
  • MPH – 152 MPH
  • Fuel Consumption 1 Gall Per mile

Ocean Potion Dragster Gallery


Ocean Potion Dragster

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