ex-Pro Vauxhall Calibra

Driver: Paul Marston
Class: Super ProET, ProET

Bought as a complete car, this ex-Pro Modified Vauxhall Calibra was built at Hauser Race cars and probably only has just over 150 passes on it. The Calibra was campaigned by Paul Marston Racing in 2007 in Super Modified and in Super Pro ET.

In previous guise with a 555ci BBC and a powerglide transmission the Calibra ran a best of 8.14 @ 163mph, it always went arrow straight and has never had an aborted pass in its life. This is despite some monster wheelies as it launches.

Built at Hauser Race cars, this was one of twins both constructed at the time, the other Calibra became Dave Mingays Hellraiser IV UK Pro Mod Championship winning car, which then became John Ellis’s Lethal Pro Mod and after a brief spell in Greece it now runs in Top Door slammer in Scandinavia with a blown BAE motor and now runs a twin rail chassis.

The Calibra’s was constructed to be as light as possible, using chromoly tubing and to weigh 2350lbs wet with driver, this was easily achieved at Hauser Race car as when PMR ran the Calibra in Super Modified it weighed 2320lbs on the scales after a run. Since then the Calibra has been lightened even more by virtue of an all aluminium Donovan Block, a Mark Williams Aluminium third member, smaller new fuel cell, new much lighter radiator and fan assembly, new lightweight set of beadlock wheels. Until final assembly its difficult to predict what she will weigh but it will be a lot less.

The Calibra is a testament to Hauser Racing as with no changes the chassis still tech’d to 25.1E when chassis inspected to be Super Modified legal. So its fair to say this car was way ahead of its time. There are some real neat tricks that are not apparent fully until you really start looking at it in more detail, IE using the Firewall as the Dashboard for mounting all the instrument’s, so you save the weight of the supports and the weight of a dash, the drivers position is of particular note. The driver sits so low and so far back it looks impossible to get in the car, also the position of the steering column and steering wheel is very low, this is done to maximise the drivers vision due to the seat position. All very clever stuff, deceptively simple but very effective, using the weight of the driver as low as possible to aid stability at speed. Even the body style comes into play, when it was debuted, the Calibra had the lowest co-drag efficiently of any production car at .031.

Having now been completely disassembled, the Calibra was updated with a made to measure hood scoop and bonnet assembly, the rear wing was also replaced with a hand made item, not a bolt on kit form piece so as it kept the lines of the Calibra and would create only downforce as required not drag.

Paintwork and recolouring the entire chassis and body was entrusted to Curbishley Automotive refinishing, with the chassis being finished in Satin Gunmetal Grey and the bodywork in Blue Diamond White.

Motor assembly will be taken care of most likely between Gary Springford at Drag Race Engineering with Paul Marston and final assembly will also take place at Drag Race Engineering, which is where the Calibra currently resides.

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