Whoopass Chevy Monza


Driver: Paul Marston
Class: Super ProET, ProET

The winner of the first ever UK Pro Modified Championship, this is the car!! Built by Clive Bond at Ultimate Racecars, a purpose built car that did what is now says in its more recent paintscheme – 100% Whoopass!!


Originally named Hellraiser and driven by Dave Mingay nicknamed Ming the Merciless. This Chevy Monza was all conquering, running down into the 7’s with a PB of 7.76 @ 179mph. Acquired from Ashley Bell in 2004 when it was running 9.80 flat out naturally aspirated, needing nitrous to hit an 8.90 et which was required to be in Super Pro ET. Paul Marston and Gary Springford of Drag Race Engineering then embarked on a 5 year development of the Monza to unlock its true potential. Being that it had Jeff Bull power in the form of a 477ci BBC and a two speed transmission, it had all the ingredients but needed careful tuning.
The modifications that were performed make for a long long list but here are a few. The classis had to be stiffened as the Monza broke 3 Transmission cases last year Ashley ran it. The axle had to be repositioned as the pinion angle was wrong. The motor was as solid as a rock but was refined and eventually converted to alcohol and had the CORRECT spark plugs fitted!! I wont go into detail but we did in fact manage to get the Monza to run well with a fuel tank in the back and the belt driven pump in the front. They all said it could not be done and they were nearly right but we got it done in the end!!

Rear shocks changed, convertors changed to suit, tyres, Transmission, etc. All in the quest to make it work properly, culminating in the worlds most famous axle explosion (see youtube) this little Monza is now working very well, running in the 8.70’s with exactly the same motor that saw it run 9.80 flat out. So the lesson to learn from that is simple. Work with what you have, understand it, look at the data and learn. Throwing money at things does not work nearly as well as understanding what the car needs and giving it.

This great car has won numerous events in Super Gas and Super Comp and Super Pro and Pro, Heads Up Quick 8 at North Weald, etc and qualified No1 many times. Probably the best know will be winning the very first 64 car field in Super Pro at Santa Pods European Finals in 2013.

Not just are its achievements impressive, it is by anyones standards a great car to drive, it’s a real handful, but with a skilful driver a real sense of achievement can be had from this amazing Racecar. Currently in 2015 Mad Mick Howling has been behind the wheel.


  • 0-60 MPH – 1.23 Seconds
  • 0-100 MPH – 5.2 Seconds
  • ¼ MILE – 9.78 Seconds
  • MPH – 155 MPH
  • Fuel Consumption 3 Gall Per Run

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Whoopass Chevy Monza

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